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Combat trousers - Yellow Camouflage with back/full zip

Combat trousers - Yellow Camouflage with back/full zip

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The original and only concealed zip combats, these back/full -zip combats have a zip insertion at the back seam. 


Now also available in Full zip!!!


The zip is concealed by a fly guard that makes the zip virtually invisible when walking around with these combats. Back zip has one slider from waist to crotch, full zip has 2 sliders and opens completely or independently from front to back. Pics to come.


These combats feature:

  • two back pockets,
  • two side pockets
  • two front pockets
  • adjustable waist up to two inches.
  • Fit same as the woodland.


Select your waist size and zip option from the options below to check availability before ordering.

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