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Skinny fit shorts blue Levi's

Skinny fit shorts blue Levi's

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These tight leg shorts are professionally altered straight leg Levi’s 501 jeans, made skinny and cut into shorts, finished with a turn up to the highest standards. They have a lower waist and most people find that they need to go for a size bigger than they would usually choose. As such, these jeans are tight on the legs and are most suitable for people with slim legs.

Knee length, 20"/ 50 cm from hip to sit just above the knee.

Please note that as we use vintage Levi’s 501 jeans the shades of dark and light may vary within the same batch. Lighter patches are due to previous wear and may be present on some of the jeans. However, the quality and strength of the bleachers is not affected as the jeans are carefully hand selected individually for faults and weaknesses at the major stress points.


Waist: check out our guide page on how to find your correct size regardless of the brand.

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