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Skinny fit Stretch denim freestyle bleachers

Skinny fit Stretch denim freestyle bleachers

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The original and only concealed zip bleachers! 


After over 10 years, these are back!!! Rather than wrapped these are splashed with bleach to get the dribbled, wet look. We used to have these but discontinued them over 10 years ago. Apologies for the pics, the ones with the model are to show the fit. The ones on the hanger are the style you will get. Better pics to come.


These are made with “Denim and Co” skinny fit stretch denim and are available in blue. The denim is a very good quality with stretch and strength, they are made with new jeans instead of reclaimed ones as the Levi’s. Great quality, fit and comfort.


Back zip: waistband to crotch, 1 puller

Full zip: waistband back to waistband front, 2 independent pullers

Back zip “puppy tail”: waistband to crotch, 2 pullers for tale opening

Full zip “puppy tail”: waistband back to waistband front, 3 independent pullers for tail opening

Inseam: the length of the leg from crotch to hem. AKA “inside leg”. If you require a specific inseam, please select “custom” and tell us in the order comments box at the checkout. Inseams shorter than 30” cannot be exchanged.

Turn Up: the hem of the jeans is rolled inside out instead of the regular finish.


Please note that these are skinny, so they can be worn inside 14, 20 or 30 hole boots or with shorter boot or trainers. They won’t go over long boots as shown in the pics.

Please note: not all waistband options are always available in all leg lengths. We will contact you if we don’t have your specified length.


Check out our guide page on how to find your correct size regardless of the brand.

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